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Nintendo Switch – Switching Up The Future of Gaming

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Snap Discussion is the weekly round table discussion on a topic relating to Japanese pop culture as selected by the almighty Snapodile. Each week the SnapThirty team will weigh in with their thoughts on that week’s topic all with the hopes of providing some interesting and perhaps even conflicting view points on the matter at hand. This week’s topic is Nintendo Switch – Switching Up The Future of Gaming.

For this topic we all gave our immediate thoughts on the landmark announcement Nintendo dropped overnight of their upcoming console the Nintendo Switch. Without further adieu, strap yourself in and get ready for our collected thoughts on the future of gaming.


Luke Halliday:

Here I am 25 years old writing this as I wipe tears from my eyes, because Nintendo have done what they have always done better than anyone: make history.

My first console was the Super Nintendo and soon after I got a Game Boy. I plowed hundreds of hours into games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Pokemon Blue. As a kid I was keenly aware that the games on Game Boy were distinctly different to those on the Super Nintendo, smaller in scale, limited in ways.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who fantasized about playing a Pokemon game in a full scale 3D environment, being able to journey literally across the entire Pokemon world. When Pokemon Gold and Silver came about we came a step closer to that dream thanks to the genius of the late Satoru Iwata and his compression system which allowed both Johto and Kanto to be in the same game. I still remember my utter glee when I returned to Pallet Town, it was like coming home for the first time in years.

Slowly but surely over the years Nintendo made countless advances and made gaming history over and over again setting the trends that everyone else tried desperately to follow. Here we stand now with the Nintendo Switch a device that does what was thought to be seemingly impossible, bring massive scale games from our tv screens onto a handheld screen, no tether, no limits, the future has been switched.

During the typical stages of leaks regarding the device which was tentatively titled the NX, an interesting topic arose which surprisingly had a lot to do with Pokemon Gold and Silver, Game Boy Color games nearing on 20 years old at this time. The report claimed that Nintendo had developed a compression system that would allow games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be stored on cartridges, an Ultra SD of sorts.

The report would go on to state that the compression system was built upon the foundation that Iwata had set in Pokemon Gold and Silver, essentially compressing 2 games into one. Through a new set of eyes and todays modern technology, the system Iwata had built has ultimately led to even greater innovation likely beyond anything he could have ever imagined it could have. His legacy lives on through the thought to be impossible technology of the Nintendo Switch.

So here we are now with the Nintendo Switch, a device that simply defies everything we had come to understand about gaming and technology as we know it, made possible by a lifetime of ingenuity and hard work by the man they called Iwata-sensei. This is the very console that we all dreamed about as children, the impossible made possible by simply switching up the way we look at what we always had right in front of us.


Frank Inglese:

What’s more odd about the Nintendo NX: That every shred of information released prior to today has been slight leaks and general speculation, or that the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch (it’s proper title) has outdone all of it, including expectation?

Nintendo finally gave the world what it wanted; an actual look at what they have planned for their Next Generation of console gaming. As it turns out, this one is indeed a home/handheld console hybrid and it looks wonderful! Truly, truly wonderful. I’m…quite smitten actually.’

The reveal video featured everything I expected of the Nintendo Switch, and so much more, but more important is that I was genuinely joyed by not only the prospect of a new Nintendo console but by the Switch specifically!

While it’s customizable play-style is an incredible asset of the new system, it is the ability to switch between handheld and home console play in an instant that has me the most excited. I tend to handheld game more than anything else, but I love the option of being able to expand my experience of any given game in accordance to my moment-by-moment changes in proclivity.

The use of cartridges, which was shown briefly in the reveal video, is, for many, an unimportant part of the video game experience, but for me it means much more. It reminds me of a simpler time in both the world of video games and my life individually so their importance to the Nintendo Switch reflects greatly on my own experience of the system.

To cut a long article short; the Nintendo Switch hit every single mark for me. Up until this point I had already made my decision regarding my purchase, but it’s this reveal that has solidified my dedication to not only Nintendo, but to the Nintendo Switch. Now comes the period wherein which we sit patiently and wait for the reveal of the console’s exclusive titles.


Jahanzeb Khan:

Folks there’s nothing like a new console reveal to make the world a wonderful place again. If there is one video game company that absolutely wants to put smiles on people’s faces, it’s Nintendo. A Nintendo Wii U cost less than half of what you need to fork out for a Xbox One or PS4, and the best part? When you boot up a game it plays straight away like a console should be doing, none of that 60 minute install and 20GB day one update nonsense. That’s the brilliance of Nintendo, they make sure you, the gamer, get a product that you can be absolutely satisfied with. Nintendo Seal of Quality still means a great deal folks.

And no I don’t work for Nintendo, my dad doesn’t work for Nintendo, and neither is SnapThirty owned by Nintendo, but damn it they deserve all the respect. To use a wrestling analogy, Nintendo is like the John Cena of the video game world: hipster keyboard warriors enjoy hating on them but when it all comes down to it, Nintendo has always been consistent and has always innovated with gameplay rather than graphical horse power. Who the hell cares about 4K if the games aren’t going to be any good? But I digress, time to SWITCH to the subject on hand…

Nintendo Switch is innovative in more ways than one… it’s not a console and it’s not a handheld, it’s quite literally a portable console and in many ways feels like the GameCube and Wii U made a beautiful baby together and decided to name it Switch. It’s a slick and fresh looking piece of hardware that is distinctly Nintendo in its quirkiness, but at the same time it’s very much in tune with the times by creating a highly intuitive tablet gaming device that just comes together without a hitch. I love the device based on its looks, its features, and the various ways in which you can use it for gaming in any situation.

The Switch is an innovative and fresh device, and while there hasn’t been much shown in the way of games/software, we can count on an amazing launch title in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and potentially a brand new Splatoon. Rumour also has it that Dragon Quest X will not only make it to the Switch, but also finally get an international release. Imagine having a game like that on a portable console… the possibilities are amazing. Best part? The March 2017 launch is just around the corner. I might be doing my first Midnight launch lineup in years.


Kane Bugeja:

Who doesn’t love a new console? Well, apart from people who don’t play video games, but we’re not talking about them…because they probably wouldn’t care. Anyway, after a long, long while of fan-based guessing, light corporate espionage and false declarations of proof, Nintendo has revealed their latest creation. Half handheld device, half home console, they come together to become; Nintendo Switch.

Though the front running theory for quite a while, confirmation that the Switch (formerly the NX) is indeed a combination platform is awesome. Since the PSP first showed that a portable device could utilise 3D graphics, many (most definitely including myself) have pined for yet another upgrade, a shift to a handheld that could provide a home console experience on the go. Now, as the first and only trailer would lead us to believe, this is now more than a pipe dream. From television to tablet, then back and forth again and again as many times as you wish. Awesome. Seriously, no humour here, I am legitimately excited about the Switch. Sure, my expectations are stifled somewhat by previous experiences and the knowledge that a console is intrinsically connected to its catalogue of games, but I’m going to focus on the aforementioned excitement while I can. You know, before all that pesky reality sinks in.

The controller is also pretty neat, since we’re talking about it. Detachable, splittable, multi-purpose. A little small looking when divided in twain for multiplayer gaming, but a hands on is probably needed to really tell how comfortable that is, along with each of its other configurations. Still, cool that it can do that. Cool that it can do a lot of things really. And…there’s not much else to say really. But let’s run down the list anyway:

  • Cool Concept
  • Multi-purpose controller
  • Catchy trailer song
  • List of locations to play Nintendo Switch, some of which may be difficult to co-ordinate (rooftop shindig anyone?)

So yeah, excited to be sure. With a modicum of hesitation, but excited nonetheless. Now, if we can get some details regarding the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, that’d be sweet. I mean, Breath of the Wild is cool and all, but I’m antsy to see a catalogue. To keep me gaming on the go and at home until the next generation hits. Let the cycle begin anew!

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. .


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