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Nintendo Switch Dark UI Possibly Leaked Via Deleted Tweet.

We have all been there before. You have just finished working on something really hard and you can not wait to show it  off to all of your twitter followers. However, in your folly you accidentally leak something from Nintendo that had only been shown previously for a whopping 3 seconds.

This was the case for 1001 spikes developer Nicalis when they shared a picture on their twitter, which has since been deleted, of their games adorning the Switch. This wonderful act of sharing inadvertently gave Nintendo Switch fans a first look at a dark themed UI as well as a few hints into some other features.


Not Pictured: The Interrupted Basketball Game.

Via promotional photos we received a look at the base UI for the Switch, with the bottom 6 icons reading left to right: Game News, Nintendo E-Shop, Album, Controllers, System Settings, and Sleep Mode. Also in the photo are multiple user pictures, denoting multiple user profiles, and a logo in the bottom left hand corner showing whether the console is in Dock mode or Handheld mode. These are in addition to the standard fare, such as the battery icon and time.


Tweet Status: Deleted. Excitement Status: Alive and Well. 

The most important thing that can be gleamed from the photo is the double confirmation of multiple users, a welcome change from the Nintendo norm, as well as the ability to possibly change users during game play. Also shown is a small green light above the Game News icon, signifying a new notification.

Whilst the addition of a darker, edgier, and possibly more in-your-face UI is possible, there seems to be something more to this picture. Talk online is that, rather than being an alternate colour scheme, this is a ‘in action’ photo of a piece of Switch software being suspended, a la the 3DS.  This theory is backed up by the bottom right of the screen showing ‘Close Software’ and would be a welcome addition to the already excellent looking console. Whichever the case, we shall remain waiting leading up to the launch of the Switch on March 3rd. Or until Nintendo release a more in depth look into the UI. How about it Nintendo? …Reggie? …Guys? …Please return my calls.


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