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Nintendo Reveals “Splatoon” Amiibo, Ranked Battle and New 1-On-1 Game Mode


“Splatoon” is just one of those Nintendo originals that grabs audiences by their hearts and minds and just forces them to fall in love with it. It happened to me, and I’m a cynical old man that cares for nothing! I originally played the game at one of Australia’s EB Games Expos and it immediately stole my heart. Since then I’ve been more than in love with the game and April’s Nintendo Direct Presentation which has just ended has made me want to do nothing but go out and purchase a Wii U just for this game.

Let’s think about what we’ve been told about the game so far: You play as an Inkling who is half human half squid, your natural-born enemies are the “Octopus Army”, you fighting using paint-dispensing weapons and friend can quickly become enemies when they’re put on a team that isn’t yours. Basically, “Splatoon” is looking to be a third-person shooter that will out do every video game in the genre that has come before it. With an incredible-looking multiplayer system as well as some wonderful graphics, it’s clear as to why this game has taken the world over even before its release.

Nintendo today have dropped a couple extra paint bombs on us by revealing two new game modes for the upcoming title: one is the Ranked Battle which is, to be frank, exactly how it sounds and the other is the 1-on-1 mode which will allow you and a friend, using the same Wii U system, to see just who’s the better Inkling by popping balloons. Pretty simply stuff but still very exciting!


The most exciting announcement from the “Splatoon” segment of the presentation would to be that of the three Amiibo which will be made available on the day of the game’s release: The “Inkling Girl”, “Inkling Boy” and “Inkling Squid”, once put into the game, will unlock different missions for players to undertake in order to unlock new weapons and equip-able items. Not only that but they look damn cool! The “Inkling Boy” and “Inkling Girl” will be made available on the 29th of May, the same as the game itself, and can be bought separately. The “Inkling Squid” can only be purchased as part of a special video game pack that comes with the game itself and a triple Amiibo pack that comes with all three of the game’s accompanying Amiibo.

This is looking to be one hell of a fantastic Nintendo release and one that may just push me into buying a Wii U. I don’t need the money, I’m only going to use it on candy anyway!


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