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Nintendo Announces Yet Another 3DS Model


Nintendo have gone ahead and done it again. The famed Japanese video game developer and publisher have just announced a brand-new 3DS model for Japan that will surely make it’s way around the world in due time. Titled the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’, this handheld console will host many of the same features it’s predecessors do but with a couple of small hardware and software upgrades that fans of the system have been begging to get from Nintendo ever since the console first came out.

The feature Nintendo has chosen to focus on the most happens to be a second C-Stick located on the left hand side of the 3DS just under the system’s hinge separating the upper and lower halves. That along with two extra buttons located on the back of the console, the ‘ZL’ and ZR’ buttons, will make playing games like ‘Monster Hunter’ a whole lot easier and, up until this point in time, fans wanting to play games of this type properly would have had to buy a peripheral piece of equipment to make it possible. This will no longer be the case.


As mentioned, it isn’t just hardware that differentiates the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ with the older models, it also features an upgraded CPU which, as you may know, allows the console to properly process data quicker and more accurately, eliminating bugging and everything that comes with it. It also makes for quite a disappointing fact that, in the near future, some games will be developed to only work on the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’, which will force gamers into dolling out X amount of dollars just to play a new title.

The system also comes with upgraded 3D capabilities which have been said to eliminate that odd visual problem that occurs when players view the screen at slightly skewed angles. To make the new system even better, Nintendo have stated that the front plates of the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ can be taken off and replaced which makes the system all the more customizable.


So far the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ has only been announced for Japan and will be released in both the standard 3DS size and the XL (LL in Japan) on the 11th of October this year. My assumption; it WILL make it’s way to the rest of the world sooner or later. Nintendo aren’t exactly the type to deny it’s fans a new console and, of course, deny itself of a whole bunch of money.

To check out a short video on the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ head here.





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