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Nintendo Announces A Rough Release Date For “Splatoon”


Despite the fact that I do not own a Wii U, it is the game “Splatoon” that has me considering investing some money in the much-loved console. At the 2014 Eb Games Expo in Australia, Luke Halliday and I got to play the demo of this game and it swept me away. You can read my write-up here. The colours, the characters, the overall concept. I was very much “taken” by this game and so it prides me to be able to write about it whenever I can.

Nintendo announced last night through their Nintendo Direct video presentation that the original IP “Splatoon” will be getting a worldwide release sometime this May. Nintendo have gotten very good at simultaneous releases in different countries as of late and it seems as though they’ll be employing the same strategy here with “Splatoon”.

Also revealed was a new in-game feature for “Splatoon” called the “Central Hub”. This is, basically, the place you’ll head to before you head anywhere else…like any “Hub”. From here you’ll be able to see other characters as well as all the different game modes you can play. This is pretty standard in gaming but for the sake of keeping up with the rest I decided to write about it anyway.

“Splatoon” is looking fantastic and thanks to Nintendo we may just be getting our hands on it this May. My hope is that there aren’t any delays and that those of you out there with a Wii U will be able to enjoy it’s colourful goodness as soon as possible!

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