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Niantic Nerfs The Rattata And Pidgey Population With New Pokemon GO Update


As a man living in the suburbs of Sydney, it was the high rate of Rattata and Pidgey appearing in my area that somewhat turned me off of Niantic’s Pokemon GO. Well, that and the fact that everyone around me was far better at it and, me being quite the bad sport, chose to forgo developing my virtual Pokedex early on. It’s become somewhat of a running joke that Trainers living in the suburbs are the metaphorical Kings and Queens of rodent Pokemon because unless you’re venturing into more population dense areas like major cities chances are you’ll not be catching anything more than a purple rat or a brown bird; two of the most boring Pokemon to ever be designed.


Niantic have recently revealed that, with the new update of the game, the population of Rattata and Pidgey across the board is going to be reduced heavily. Finally! Rattata, Pidgey, and Zubat will now be far more difficult to come across, though you can still expect some, and they will no longer hatch from eggs meaning there’s a greater chance of getting less-common Pokemon. The reveal comes courtesy of the Pokemon GO Twitter page with two Tweets detailing that Professor Willow has “discovered” the change in population, to which many fans replied; “if only you had discovered this sooner”. Look, Trainers, the science of species takes time, and for Professor Willow…it takes a little longer than usual.


The update should be live as you’re reading this, so head into your app and try it out for yourself. As mentioned, now that there are less Rattata, Pidgey, and Zubat, the areas that are now lacking said Pokemon will instead be populated with ones you’ve yet to see, so chances are your area will feel brand-new as more species of Pokemon are added.

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