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Next Naruto Project To Begin In The August Of 2015


Let’s be honest, Japanese citizen or not you are very much aware that “The Last: Naruto The Movie” began its theatrical run in Japan over the weekend and, whether or not you’ve found a way to watch it, you’re immeasurably existed that somewhere in the world someone has. This is the calibre of the “Naruto” fandom; a mass of crazy fanatics with enough power to bring down OTHER fandoms.

Thanks to Marvel films, the world has now been conditioned to stay until the very end of the credits to nab a sneak peak of the next project to come which makes me hate going to see movies with fellow SnapThirty writer Kane Bugeja because we could be seeing a re-release of the movie “Love Actually” and he’d make us wait all the way until the end to see if something happens…not that we’d be going to see it or anything. Well those who went to go see “The Last: Naruto The Movie” this weekend were delivered a little message after the film that stated the next “Naruto” project will kick off in the August of 2015.

What featured alongside this piece of dialogue was an image of Naruto’s own son Bolt in coloured Manga form as well as some sketches of other characters which is leading most people to believe this is the Manga project Masashi Kishimoto spoke about just as the current Manga series ended. Whatever it may be…it IS very exciting and I’m sure fans of the long-running series cannot wait to see what’s to come next.


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