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New Video Shows What The Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice Can Really Do

Digimon-Adventure-Tri-Banner-Image-01About a week ago, I brought you news of Premium Bandai’s latest and greatest piece of Digimon merchandise; The Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice. Yes, the name IS unnecessarily long, but that doesn’t make this product any less exciting, that’s for sure! Though it does make it hard to write a concise article title.

Over in Tokyo, the powers at be held their very of Digimon Adventure Festival wherein which they celebrated everything Digimon Adventure, much like what the event’s title states. During this festival, Bandai elaborated on just what it is this new device can do by releasing a full video literally showing what it can do!

Contrary to what was once thought about this Digivice, it is unlike the 15th Anniversary version announced months ago which actually features a video game function much like the Digivices released all those years ago. Despite the Complete Selection Animation Digivice not being “playable”, it does have a set of functions unique to this “proplica”.


If you’d read the previous article you’d already know that this item is all about lights and sounds, replicating said visual and auditory experiences through the use of high-quality speakers and colour-changing LED lights that work side-by-side. Well sometimes being told what something can do simply isn’t enough to properly visualise it and that’s why Bandai have gone ahead and released this video.

Featuring the series’ theme song “Butter-Fly” by Koji Wada alongside it’s ending theme “Brave Heart”, the Digivice will also, well…just the watch the video. I think it’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new item.

Pre-orders are open now, so head to the official Premium Bandai store by clicking here and grab yourself a unit before all get allocated. You’ve got up until the 24th of September before pre-orders close and preparations to ship the item out will begin. The Digivice is set to be shipped sometime this December.


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