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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Passimian and Oranguru


Game Freak have today released another trailer for their upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon duo of games that, as well as formally introducing us to two previously-revealed Pocket Monsters, give audiences a look at the Pokemon Passimian and Oranguru.

Ever since the infamous “Pokemon Sun and Moon Chinese Leaks” fans have been waiting on bated breath to see just how accurate they are, and as more official information has been revealed it has begun to seem as though the details present in said leak are almost all correct.

With the reveal of Passimian, the “rugby monkey“, just another feature of the “Chinese Leaks” is confirmed to be completely legitimate. Alongside Passimian, audiences are introduced to Oranguru, and both forms of Rockruff’s evolutions, now called Lycanroc. Passimian and the Midday version of Lycanroc will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun, whereas Oranguru and the Midnight version of Lycanroc will be exclusive to Pokemon Moon.

The trailer also features a look at the game’s character customisation capabilities which are far more extensive than the previous games, and also showcases two Z-Moves usable by both Pikachu and Eevee respectively.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set for a global release on the 18th of November this year for the Nintendo 3Ds.


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