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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Officially Reveals Starter Final Evolutions


Overnight, the Pokemon Company International released a brand-new trailer for Game Freak’s upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon that just so happen to ultimately reveal the final evolutions for this generation’s starters which, despite having been leaked quite some time ago, people continuously hope for with the release of any new Pokemon Sun and Moon information. As it turns out, once again, the famous “Chinese Leaks” are almost entirely correct, the only thing missing at this point in time is the Water-Type Arcanine featured in said leaks, but seeing as all other information has been correct up until this point in time, I have high hopes.

Decidueye, the final evolution of Rowlet, is based on an Archer and is a combination of Grass and Ghost-Type. It has the ability Overgrow, and it’s signature move is Spirit Shackle which disables the enemy from leaving battle.

Incineroar, the final evolution of Litten, is based on a Professional Wrestler and is a combination of Fire and Dark-Type. It has the ability Blaze, and it’s signature move is Darkest Lariat which ignores enemy stat changes.

Primarina, the final evolution of Poplio, is based on a Mermaid and is a combination of Water and Fairy-Type. It has the ability Torrent, and it’s signature move is Sparkling Aria which heals the burns of any target.


The final starter evolutions aren’t the only feature of the new games that were revealed in this international trailer, it also introduces audiences to the remaining three Alolan Guardians as well as the signature Z-Move of which they all share, “Guardian Of Alola“: Tapu Lele (Psychic/Fairy-Type), Tapu Bulu (Grass/Fairy-Type), and Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy-Type). Also shown briefly was the Alolan form of Kanto’s Persian which many people have already seen courtesy of the Demo data mine. Cosmog, the leaked “pre-evolution” to the Legendary Pokemon Lunala, was also shown in this trailer, but there was no explanation as to what exactly it may be.


Perhaps the most exciting reveal of this trailer is that of the ability to battle with and against past Pokemon trainers when participating in something called the “Battle Tree”. While there will not be a Pokemon League in this generation, as it’s in-story explanation is that it is currently being developed, you WILL however be able to partake in the Battle Tree once you have become the Alolan Champion. This unofficial tourney will reintroduce you to some familiar faces, with the trailer showing Cynthia, Wally, and Kanto legends Red and Blue. While Cynthia and Wally have remained mostly the same, visually, it seems as though the two original Champion Trainers have grown up…and they’re far cooler than we expected.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to be released worldwide on the 18th of November for the Nintendo 3DS, which is less than a month away! Now’s the time to play through the special demo, enjoying what it has to offer, and nabbing yourself a transforming Greninja, but on top of that…you also have a new trailer to watch, which I have provided for you just below:


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