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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Features A Vacational Professor Oak


As of late, the Pokemon-loving audience have been forced to digest quite a lot of Sun and Moon-centric information, especially with the release of the last International trailer which introduced us all to Type: Null, Ultra Beasts, and the Aether Foundation; things never before seen in any other previous Pokemon title. Well, with so much information to store in your long-term memory, it’s sometimes hard to fully grasp all of what Pokemon Sun and Moon has to offer, at this point in time, so Nintendo have decided to release a new trailer that, more or less, revises everything we have seen up until this point in time.

A fresh region, a lack of Gyms, a new team of antagonists, and a whole bunch of new Pokemon; Sun and Moon is set for a worldwide release this November and despite everything that HAS been revealed, we still have so much left to discover. Featured, ever so briefly, in this compilation trailer is a character yet to receive a formal introduction, but many of us veteran Trainers will know from the very beginning of our journey. At around the one minute thirty second mark you will be able to catch a man that looks very much like and is referred to as Oak, and by that I mean Professor Oak. Aparantly this “mysterious” Alolan visitor speaks to the player character in great detail regarding Alolan forms of first generation Pokemon.

Get refreshed by watching the new trailer. Be warned; it is in Japanese, so much of the dialogue focus in this trailer will be unreadable to those of you out there, like me, who can’t read even a shred of Japanese. To those of you out there who can, though; please let us know what it says! We’ll be forever grateful! I’ll even trade you my level one-hundred Blastoise! Wait…no, no, I wont. Sorry. I’m just a little excited.


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