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New Lupin The Third Anime Opening Posted Online Before Premiere


It feels as though we’ve been waiting for the new Lupin The Third Anime to premiere for quite some time. The 24 episode Anime series was meant to begin quite some time ago but was pushed back for reasons so far unknown.

Thankfully, the time has finally come for the new series to begin, although only in Japan. As of right now, no Western distributor has picked up the license to simulcast the Anime as it airs in Japan but the hopes of the people is that some streaming service picks it up very soon.

A sequel to the highly-popular remake The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the new series will focus, once again, on the group of thieves as they, this time, cause trouble all across Italy.

Cinema Today, a Japanese online publication, have done the world a solid today by releasing the full opening of the new Anime prior to it’s official premiere and, without giving too much away…it is exactly what I was expecting from the new Lupin The Third. The music you’ll hear throughout the video, well that’s the re-recording of the original Lupin The Third theme song by legendary Japanese musician Yuji Ohno.

Look, I understand what you’re thinking right now. You don’t want to sit here and read about the video, you just want to actually watch the video…so go ahead! The new Anime’s opening has been provided for you just below. Watch it, enjoy it, get excited for Lupin The Third, and continue to pray that it will hit Western shores sometime soon!


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