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New Image Of Kojima Productions Mascot Ludens Confirms He Is Not A Skeleton Man

Kojima-Productions-Ludens-Second-Promotional-Image-01Last month, Kojima Productions revealed to the world the character behind the image for their new logo; a suited adventurer named Ludens who many of us, mostly me, thought was to be some sort of scary skeleton man. As it turns out, Ludens is simply a human wearing something akin to a skeleton face mask. How do I know this? Well Kojima Productions has sent through a key art asset to North America’s GameStop retailer, we assume, to use in a slew of promotional campaigns that may range from in-store advertising to website-based publicity. Regardless, GameStop leaked this image, confirming to the world that Ludens is indeed a flesh and bone man, and not some sort of mythical bone gentlemen with a penchant for future technologies.

The image features the words “I’ll Keep Coming“, which still does not shed light on what Kojima Productions are currently working on, though many people are speculating, thanks to previous information, that it will revolve heavily around space travel. Do I agree with this? No, but that’s because I don’t agree with space travel at all. Leave the other planets alone! That’s where aliens live! You’re going to get us killed, dammit! Truth of the matter is that Ludens is NOT going to feature in his own game at all. At least, not yet. Kojima Productions producer Kenichiro Imaizumi made a statement regarding Ludens previously saying; “It is not an image from the game we’re currently working on“, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be one eventually.

Kojima Productions has been contacted regarding the new image by countless individuals, and all they had to say about it was; “You can freely imagine whatever you see“. Personally, I think what Hideo and the rest of Kojima Productions are doing with their bulky skull man is quite thought-provoking, and that’s literally the point of his existence. He is well-designed, all of his elements have depth not only physically but in regards to a story, and despite that he is not the center piece of development in his own game at this point in time. All these elements in combination is more than enough to confuse and delight audiences, and they have. Kojima Productions are using their own mascot to build hype for a video game that doesn’t even involve it. While Kojima Productions now has an in-built fanbase, they have just found a way to appeal to those not yet mesmerized by previous endeavors. Good on you, Kojima Productions.


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