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New ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Movie Revives Most Evil Person Ever, Also They Are Gold Now

golden-freizaCha-la head is gold-la, cha-la Frieza’s evil-la.

That’s right Dragon Ball maniacs, the Z Fighters are back in action with the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F (the F referring to Frieza, not to be confused with my younger, stronger, cooler and better Dragon Ball Xenoverse character FROZED). This movie is particularly of note due to the fact that the most evil villain ever in Dragon Ball is revived by the Dragon Balls and this time this isn’t even Frieza’s final form. In fact, Frieza got gold now.


The movie is set to hit Japanese theaters next month and will feature the long awaited return of Frieza as Goku and friends must battle it out in the final ultimate clash in Dragon Ball history, until Dragon Ball GT happened and they had that fight with Android 17 again. Also I heard that Dragon Ball AF is happening soon, trust me my friend told me that his cousin’s uncle works at Toei Animation and knows Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball and gave him the idea for Super Saiyan God and to make Dragon Ball AF.

You can check out the the trailer for the upcoming movie below. Frieza is gold now just so you know.



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