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New Character Gigas Added To The Tekken 7 Cast


As with any new fighting video game release comes the addition of some brand-new characters. Tekken 7, the latest in the long-running series, has recently been released around Japanese arcades and the new characters that are coming out of it seem to only be causing a great deal of controversy. It’s not that there are any bad things about these characters, it’s just that fans of the series cannot get a grasp on exactly why they belong in the series. I don’t see the issue with these new characters but I believe I’m one of the minority when it comes to this.

The latest character to be revealed for the new gaming is a hulking red being called Gigas that, well…I don’t really know what it is. I don’t think anyone knows what it is. I’m not sure we should ever know what the hell this thing is. What I DO know is that it’s damn scary looking and that I wouldn’t want to go up against it in battle. Bandai Namco Games revealed this character through a new trailer which showcases Gigas’ move set and tank-like techniques.

Nothing about this character, apart from how it fights and what it looks like, has been revealed. It’s backstory, as of right now, is basically non-existent. That’s fine though because I’m sure once the game hits consoles we’ll be able to experience its story first hand. Now Gigas isn’t actually available to play in arcades as of yet, though Japanese arcade gamers wont have to wait to long to try him out because it gets released on the 28th of April which is, depending on where you’re reading from, only a day away.

For now, check out the footage of the new character in action and let us know what you think about it in the comment section just below.


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