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New Artwork Revealed for 2017 ‘Legend of Zelda’ Title


It is that time of year again, E3 is upon us once more and with it as always is plenty of details on the future of video gaming. One such revelation came from Nintendo in the form of promotional artwork for their upcoming Legend of Zelda title scheduled for release in 2017.

The artwork which can be seen above (click to enlarge) showcases the game’s iteration of legendary hero Link as he climbs a cliff face fearlessly with the Kingdom of Hyrule seen in the background.

The game is slated for release next year on both the Wii U and Nintendo’s rumoured next generation device the tentatively titled ‘Nintendo NX’.

More detail on the upcoming Legend of Zelda title and the NX platform are said to be revealed when Nintendo holds their ‘treehouse’ live event towards the end of the E3 event. Stay tuned for more information as it comes to light.


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