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Netflix Wants To Make ‘The Animes’ Too


Following the success of simulcasting and streaming of a variety of Aniplex anime series, Netflix has expressed their intention to join the anime business and make ‘the animes’ too.

Netflix has seen major success with series such as Seven Deadly Sins, Knights of Sidonia and classics like Gurren Lagann all streaming on the service. They also plan to stream Ajin: Demi Human in 2016 on the service.

While CEO Reed Hastings did not elaborate on the idea of producing original anime during his interview with New York Times, he did say that he hopes that they can make a great anime show. We also hope that they can as well because more anime is cool and stuff.

What do you think about Netflix potentially being the next new anime studio on the block? What are you thoughts on Westerners making what is ultimately a very Japanese medium? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Zephyra says

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Nickelodeon has shown that an anime styled show can be pulled off by westerners with Avatar. Although it will be hilarious if Netflix just ends up making LN and Manga adaptations.

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