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Netflix Releases First Trailer For Live-Action Death Note Film

This may be showing my age, ever so slightly, especially with a great deal of new Anime and Manga fans hitting the scene who would have been too young to remember this, but there was once a time wherein which rumours spread regarding a live-action Hollywood adaptation of the series Death Note starring, at the time, cinema’s most popular teen heartthrob; Zac Efron. Now obviously that never happened, but it was at least confirmed that Efron had somewhat interest in playing the role as Light.

This live-action film has since been taken under the wing of Netlfix and the role of Light Yagami, changed now to Light Turner, has gone to actor Nat Wolff. Many still believe that Wolff isn’t the type of actor that could pull off a characters as dark and complex as Light, but then again many also thought Zac Efron was a great choice, so we really don’t know who to believe on this one. Other notable names are Keith Stanfield who will fill the “shoes” of L, and Willem Dafoe who will provide the voice of Ryuk.

Today Netflix finally released the first first teaser trailer for the film that, while not showing much in terms of the actual story, shows much more than many anticipated. While shots of the Death Note itself falling to Earth and Light Yagami/Turner sitting in a drab, dank room contemplating a life of homicide were very much expected, large explosions and a toppling ferris wheel were not, so it is clear that who ever is in charge of writing will take certain liberties when adapting the story.

Netflix will begin streaming the movie this year on August the 25th, so matter how this trailer, and all subsequent trailers, make you feel about the film, nothing will be more conclusive than it in its entirety. Personally I hope it does incredibly well! We’ve been waiting for a Western live-action adaptation for quite some time now, if not only to compare it to its Japanese counterpart, and regardless of that…I just like Death Note, so I don’t mind it being taken out for another spin, good or bad.


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