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‘Natural Doctrine’ Australian and New Zealand Release Date Announced

NAtURAL DOCtRINE_20140714204057Boom! October 2nd, baby! NIS America today announced that their upcoming hardcore tactical RPG ‘Natural Doctrine’ will be released this October throughout Australia and New Zealand. ‘Natural Doctrine’, like a lot of RPGs out there, is set in a fantasy world populated by a slew of different races and species, some nice but others evil.

As the player, you control a guard soldier named Jeff who’s main job in life is to venture out into dangerous places, wiping out benevolent forces and making it safe to travel to therefor opening the area up to be examined and excavated for its natural resources. Jeff’s life gets turned upside down one day when his crew and he run discover something that could mean the destruction of his kingdom.

Australia and New Zealand are the last to get the game but we’re just damn appreciative that we’re getting it at all! As an extra added bonus for all of you reading this news, NIS America have also provided us with a brand-new trailer for the upcoming game that accompanies this release date reveal perfectly. ‘Natural Doctrine’ is set for a PlayStation exclusive release with it only being available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Fight or die, that’s the way of the wild and that’s the way of ‘Natural Doctrine’.


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