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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Bandai Namco Europe Reveals Collector’s Edition


No other publishers do special edition releases the way Bandai Namco Entertainment does special edition releases. So you’re excited for their upcoming fighting title Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, huh? Good! Prepare to be even more excited though because Bandai Namco’s European branch just revealed that they will be releasing a special collector’s edition for the new Naruto game that will blow you away. Big time!

We know you would’ve just been happy with the game itself, it’s super exciting just to get a new Naruto game, but Bandai Namco Entertainment always go above and beyond with their releases so now you’ve got the option to purchase this collector’s edition. I’m sorry…what does it come with, you ask? Well allow me to explain: Alongside a beautiful collector’s box and steel case which happens to feature eternal rivals Naruto and Sasuke, the collector’s edition comes with an illustration of the lady’s man himself (Sasuke Uchiha), an artbook showcasing illustrations and design works from each of the past Ultimate Ninja Storm titles, and a 17cm figurine of the series’ hero from the last film The Last: Naruto The Movie. Oh, and I can’t forget the actual game itself!

As if the long list of playable characters and the awesome-looking visuals weren’t enough to win you over, now Bandai Namco have given you more reason to pick up this next generation Naruto fighting game. If you’re quick enough to pre-order the game and/or the collector’s edition you’ll also be given a bonus set of characters; Boruto and Sarada. Alongside them, early copies of the game will feature Kakashi in his Hokage outfit, costumes for both Sakura and Hinata from The Last: Naruto The Movie, and two more playable characters; Naruto and Sasuke, also from The Last: Naruto The Movie.

This truly is the Naruto game to end all Naruto games so try your best not to miss out on it or you’ll seriously be kicking yourself something fierce. Now the game doesn’t have a specific release date as of right now, all we know is that it will be getting a release sometime this Fall/Autumn for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. Stick to the site, when news on it’s release breaks…you bet your bottom dollar we’ll be there to fix it. Hah, pun.


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