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Mythical Machinations – Pokemon #722 Revealed


I wonder if they dreamed of creating the world’s strongest Pokemon?

What, you thought they were done? I laugh sarcastically at thee. Pokemon is a powerhouse, one that has not slowed down for twenty years and one that surely has a bevy of surprises in store for the particular double decade anniversary it is currently enjoying. Following that train of thought, it isn’t that surprising to see that a new face shall join the roster of all our favourite Pokemon friends. This time around, we find ourselves faced with yet another man-made Pocket Monster, a mechanical creature known as Magiana. Already classified as a Mythical Pokemon (or so it will be in the upcoming edition of CoroCoro), this creature will focus heavily in the nineteenth  Pokemon film, now titled; Volcanion and the Ingenious Magiana. The newbie in question is said to have been kidnapped by the villains of the film and Volcanion is on a rescue mission.

That’s about it really when it comes to facts, as there is still a fair deal of mystery surrounding this new Pokemon. Based on looks alone, I personally posit that Magiana may be of the Steel type, that and the fact that another man-made Pokemon, Genesect, is also classified as such what with the mechanics and all. The overall shape also leads me to believe that Magiana can transform in some regard, possibly into a sphere. Now what benefits this would provide I am uncertain about, apart from maybe a defence spike, but the resultant sphere would look an awful lot like a Pokeball, which is a touch to coincidental to be accidental. Perhaps we are witnessing the reveal of the origin of capturing Pokemon, of the first sentient capture device. The half blue, half red chest piece also seems as if it could be connected to the Water/Fire nature of Volcanion, though following the Pokeball train of thought, it may indicate as to whether a monster is currently occupying this particular vessel. Or perhaps this nature means another fusion Pokemon will join the ranks, after all Kyurem is mighty lonely.

Anyway, I’ll end my suppositions there and throw it out to you Pokemaniacs. What do you think about this new Myth? Do you think it’s cute? Do you think it’s weird? Are you excited about the possibility that Gen VII may be right around the corner? Do you think that humans have been way too effective at creating Pokemon for way too long and someone should probably look into stuff like that, especially considering what happened with Mewtwo after he slaughtered that island and then when Genesect was created by another villainous team but was stopped by a second Mewtwo? I would really like to know.

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