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Mysteries Revealed…Somewhat – Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Trailer Released


It’s like a regular mystery dungeon…but super

Having been first announced not too long ago, the Pokemon Company Youtube channel has provided us with a better look at the upcoming Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Following the set-up of those that came before it, this mysterious dungeon crawler will see the player character remarkably transformed from human to Pokemon, before being thrown into a world comprised solely of entrepreneurial Pocket Monsters…not too sure why there aren’t any humans around. That’s one of the mysteries that has never been solved…or a question that’s never been asked. Regardless, this human-to-‘mon transformation will allow players to take the form of one of twenty forms, specifically those of each region’s three starters plus Pikachu and Riolu for good measure.

In regards to story, all that is known is that you (the player) shall journey through a plethora of randomly generated dungeons to save the world from danger. Now this is just an estimated guess, but said danger might have something to do with one of the ever expanding list of Legendary Pokemon that populate the franchise. The ones that aren’t your allies of course.

Oh well, until more specific information is revealed, we’ll just have to make do with this introductory trailer. That space part looks pretty cool though. Wonder what Deoxys is planning…


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