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‘My Hero Academia’ Anime In The Works? PLUS ULTRA!


Out of the dark came a raging burst of energy that lit up the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and shocked the world by becoming the fastest rising manga in recent Shonen Jump history. That manga is My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi’s superhero action adventure series and news has just come through that all signs are pointing towards an anime adaptation being on the horizon for this blockbuster series.

Based upon an earlier serialization attempt simply titled My Hero, Horikoshi’s latest work is a tweaked take on his original story of a world of super-powered people. After several failed serializations Horikoshi has hit it big with his tale of a powerless teenage otaku who gains the power of his hero and becomes the successor to a heroic legacy. However he can’t just be a hero right away, this guy’s gotta go to hero school! But class is anything but normal for Izuku Midoriya, in fact it is pretty ‘quirky’ – This is his Hero Academia.

So while it is not entirely confirmed at this stage that a My Hero Academia anime is in development, TOHO have registered a domain for what appears to be a potential website for a My Hero Academia adaptation of some sort. The domain was registered as In the past a domain registration by a company such as TOHO has generally suggested that an anime adaptation was on the way. For example the same situation had previously occurred for both Blood Blockade Battlefront and Haikyu, with domain registrations predating their official anime adaptation announcements.

That said, take this as you will, but wouldn’t it just be fantastic to see a My Hero Academia anime series? I think it’d be pretty damn fantastic and I hope to see this series gain all the success in the world because this really is the future of Shonen Jump.


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