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Multimedia Project Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Revealed


It’s amazing to imagine that, in the palm of our hands, we each have the collected consciousness of the known world. Past and present both reside within these small mobile devices that each of us considers an absolute necessity to have in this day and age. Does it not fill you with awe as you look towards your iPhone or your Samsung or your Android and see it as a tool to aid in the constant expansion of your mind? Not only are there apps that allow you to access the World Wide Web, which in and of itself contains literally all known information, but there are ones that allow you to learn different languages, keep a record of your schedule, help you navigate to places unknown, predict the upcoming weather patterns; if there’s something you can conceive…there’s already an app for it, and it is a fact that is somehow both exciting and frightening!

Bandai, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Toei Animation have just revealed something wonderful; the next big step in the Digimon: Digital Monsters franchise. This new project was teased a few days ago, but it has now been officially announced through each of the aforementioned company’s websites. The upcoming multimedia project is titled Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, and will bleed into most, if not all, contemporary media platforms. The upcoming venture will feature an Anime series, multiple video games, a digital trading card game, a tonne of physical merchandise, it’s own dedicated magazine, and much more that is soon to be announced.


A Better Look At What Will Perhaps Be The Project’s Flagship Digimon

Toei Animation has somewhat revealed the basis behind the story and it will centre around digital creatures born from apps featured on mobile devices. There are countless applications that can be downloaded to your personal devices and the number only gets larger by the day. The crux of the Anime’s story is that within each of this applications lies artificial intelligence that belongs to entities that users are beginning to call Appli Monsters, or Appmons for short. Fans are beginning to speculate that these “Appmons” will either be the new incarnation of the Digimon, or that it will be revealed through the series that these so called “Appmons” will eventually come to be called Digimon once the protagonists of the series begin interacting with them and subsequently learning their truth.

Regardless, I cannot be more excited about the franchise’s next step! Mobile devices and apps are such a huge part of everyday life in the modern world, it only makes sense, within the context of Digimon, that Digital Monsters would be born from and live within this tiny but powerful computers. I think this is a wondrous leap in the right direction, and so long as they keep the heart that Digimon has featured for all these years than I think it’s all going to be fantastic! While we havn’t exactly heard much about what’s to come at this point in time, Bandai have already stated that the world will be seeing much more of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters come the Tokyo Toy Show this year which is set to be held on the 9th of June.

Until more information does come around, why not check out the three official sites for the upcoming project? I’ve provided each of them below, and if you look closely at the background featured on Bandai’s official site you may just be able to catch a few glimpses of some of the new monsters.

Bandai: Click Here

Bandai Namco Entertainment: Click Here

Toei Animation: Click Here




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