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Much Like The Might Phoenix, Kojima Productions Rises From The Ashes


It’s been a bit of a slog but finally Hideo Kojima, creator of the video game series Metal Gear, has finally been released from his contract with the now infamous video game publisher/developer juggernaut Konami. So what happens now that Kojima has finally made his departure from Konami and his former studio, Kojima Productions, has been disbanded? Well, the answer to that is quite simple; he starts fresh…with the creation of the new Kojima Productions. While Konami has kept the rights to Kojima’s critically acclaimed Metal Gear series, his own name stays with him, and that is why he has titled his new studio after his old, proving that certain special things in life cannot truly be killed.


Kojima, as expected from many of those rooted deep in the video game industry, has taken with him a whole team of former Kojima Productions workers who will now accompany him as he, once again, makes a name for himself, this time separate to that of Konami. With the help of Sony Computer Entertainment, who have recently revealed that the new Kojima Productions will be working with them on an exclusive level, Kojima will certainly make it known to the world that his departure from Konami will inevitably result in his benefit and NOT the other way around.

It was announced at the same time that Kojima Productions are already starting development on a new game that could quite possibly become another hit series that will pique the interests and expand the imaginations of audiences around the world. While this undisclosed project will be made available only on Sony-made consoles, so basically the PlayStation 4, it does not mean that the studio will be exclusive to the company forever. Just…for now.


A video was released today by Sony Computer Entertainment that features current CEO Andrew House, accompanied by Hideo Kojima himself, that briefly addresses the situation and vaguely explains what is to happen in the future. Possibly the most exciting feature of said video is the reveal of Kojima Productions’ logo which is shown at the very end, but considering it’s the feature image of this article, it’s not too much of a surprise.

All I can say at this point in time is that this is a huge step forward int he right direction for both Hideo Kojima and Sony Computer Entertainment, and I simply cannot wait for the reveal of whatever this mysterious new project is. Whatever it is, it’s going to be great. Kojima’s history has already proven to us that he is an amazing video game creator, surely he will not let us down now.



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