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Move Over, Spidey – New Attack On Titan Live-Action Film Trailer Shows Off 3D Manoeuvre Gear

Attack-On-Titan-Live-Action-Film-One-Poster-01Toho, the distributor of the upcoming pair of Attack On Titan (Shingeki NO Kyojin) live-action films, updated their YouTube page today to include a brand-new trailer for the new films that shows us a bit more Titan action as well as the Three-Dimensional Manoeuvre gears that seem to be the only thing that can stop them.

Up until now we’ve not really seen much of the action series’ staple weapon, instead all we’ve been shown are shots of wreckage and characters using weapons not seen in the Anime like axes and bows.

Well today’s new trailer throws all the garbage out the window and shows fans exactly what they want to see; some awesome CGI action of giant-fighting military kids zipping around a destroyed city slicing and dicing Titans with blades akimbo. That’s what the Anime was about right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Hey, that’s a pretty cool tough guy name too; Blades Akimbo.

Something interesting the trailer also shows, if only very briefly, is what seems to be a somewhat passionate kiss between two characters; one obviously being Mikasa and the other, well…your guess is as good as any. It could be Eren, her longtime love, or it could be the film’s original character Kirishima. For me, the shot was way to quick to make an educated guess but chances are it’s one of the two. The great thing is that you can figure it out for yourself because I’ve provided the new trailer for you just below so head down there and watch it! Go already!

The first of the two movies is set to open up in theatres across Japan on the first of August this year with the second to follow on the nineteenth of September. When it will hit local shores, I’m not sure, but chances are Madman Entertainment have plans to at least give these movies some quick screenings across our great land. Australia, that is. Nothing has been said so right now this is just wishful thinking but if we all pray hard enough I bet our wishes will come true!


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