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Mother 3 To Be Re-Released On The Nintendo Wii U…But Only In Japan


The latest Nintendo Direct presentation aired online today and, as usual, announced some new additions to the video game world that have brought many gamers worldwide to tears…or close to it. During the presentation, Nintendo revealed that they plan on re-releasing the Japan-only Earthbound sequel Mother 3, this time on the Wii U through the Virtual Console. Much like that of the game’s original GameBoy Advance release, the re-release seems to be only coming out in Japan…for now, or so many Western fans of the series hope.

This news is just one of many that have caused countless people to break down like children, crying into their hands, and praying to the only Gods they know that Mother 3 finally gets a Western release. How do I know this? Well, I’m one of the weeping fans of this much-loved series, and I would give anything to have this Japan-only game make it’s way to local shores.


Now you’re probably a little confused if you were one of the many people around the world to have caught the presentation live and have decided to go back through it and take a read of what has been announced. Mother 3’s re-release announcement was not featured in the Western Nintendo Direct presentation but instead the Japanese one which, much like the game itself, was not made available to audiences outside of Japan.

If you’re a resident of Japan that is, for some reason, reading through this article right now; this December will be when you can get your hands on Mother 3. Thankfully Nintendo are giving us Gaijin Gamers something from Mother 3 to sink our teeth into, and that’s the Lucas Amiibo that was also announced during the presentation to be hitting store shelves in January of 2016. At least we have something to look forward to, right?


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