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More Mystery, More Dungeons – Nintendo Announces Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon For The 3DS

Pokemon-Super-Mystery-Dungeon-Title-Image-01Work sucks right? Yeah, it totally does. Imagine, if you can; you’re a standard human being making his or her way to your workplace on a Monday morning…the WORST work day of the week. You sit on the train, maybe make small talk with some of the other commuters, and come to the realisation that normal life kind of sucks. Immediately you’re teleported into a magical world wherein which you’re no longer the normal human you once used to be…you’re a Pokemon! Maybe you’re even a Pikachu; the most loved Pokemon of all! Other monsters confront you, some looking for a fight, others looking for help. Of course you choose to lend a hand and in that moment you officially become one of the good guys.

If you’ve ever played a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game you’d know that’s exactly there way it usually goes. You’re a human-turned-Pokemon that must set off on a mission to save the world you’ve just entered. Well Nintendo have just announced that you’ll be able to do this all once again thanks to the upcoming game Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Yes, you read correctly; Pokemon SUPER Mystery Dungeon. Judging by the name itself, this new game promises to be all the more super than all the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

Nintendo haven’t said too much about the upcoming title as of right now apart from that it will feature “even greater, randomly created dungeons that change each time the players enter“, which…is pretty obvious. As the player you’ll also be able to battle alongside some pretty fearsome Pokemon, some of which are legendary in title and others that have made the legendary status for themselves.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will hit the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this Fall/Autumn but us in the West will have to wait until the Spring of next year to see this new title on local shelves. Fact is; we absolutely know it’s getting localised and that’s all that matters. Seriously, think about it; there’s no way Nintendo wouldn’t release a Pokemon game around the world…that’d be silly. How will they make all their money!?


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