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Monster Hunter 4G – Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration Weapon Revealed



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What’s better than slaying giant monsters and harvesting their organs for crafting? How about doing it with a broken dragon blade? What if I was to tell you that particular sword comes from a critically acclaimed Manga series and recently adapted Anime series? Yeah! I’d be excited too!

Surely by now you know of the series ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. You definitely know about the ‘Monster Hunter’ series of video games and it’s most recent/upcoming title ‘4G’ otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Well Capcom today revealed the latest of the many collaborations that the new game will feature.

This time it happens to be one that will make many fans of the Shonen genre very excited. Players, after completing a special event quest, will be able to craft themselves Meliodas’ broken dragon blade. Meliodas, the protagonist of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and the embodiment of Wrath, has wielded this sword for most of his combat life and now you can too.

So far this collaboration item has only been announced for Japan. It will be made available on the 19th of November.


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