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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – New 3DS Bundle Announced


Special edition bundles make my heart go “Doki Doki” and there’s no other out there that will make it beat faster than a “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” New 3DS which has just been announced!

Yes, Capcom and Nintendo came together and announced last night through the first Nintendo Direct video presentation of the year that, come the 13th of February, G-Grade hunters will be able to get themselves both a styling New 3DS with the latest of the “Monster Hunter” franchise “MH 4 Ultimate” which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know is looking to be one hell of an exciting video game release.

Gamestop in North America has the sole rights for the distribution of this bundle but, as far as we know, Europe has no singular seller so, Euro Gamers, you’ll just have to check out your local retailers to see just who’s going to be releasing the bundle. As far as pricing goes, nothing has been specified. Even if Nintendo and Capcom did slap a price on the bundle, it would be different depending on where it is you live so, once again, you’ll just have to investigate local retailers to find out. Happy hunting!

For those of you who don’t want this bundle, it’s OK! “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” will be released on its own on the same day as the bundle so you can pick it up and play on the system you already have.


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