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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Megaman Collaboration Revealed


Interesting…It looks as though, from what was just announced, Capcom hasn’t entirely forgotten about their one-time mascot ‘Megaman’. Their upcoming Western release of ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’, much like the Japanese version of the same game, will come with a slew of additional content coming in the form of collaboration material. ‘Mario’, ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ and now…’Megaman’ will all be featured in some way, shape or form throughout the game.

Palico, your feline companion who has been present from the beginning of the ‘Monster Hunter’ series, will now be able to equip a special armour to make it look like the Blue Bomber himself. Adding to the overall illusion is a hammer based upon Megaman’s trusty dog sidekick Rush that Palico can wield while helping you take down dragons, serpents, large bugs and everything in between.

Capcom released a video regarding the new collaboration that we’ve provided for you below. ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ for the 3DS will be hitting the west sometime in early 2015 so prepare start honing your hunting skills and get ready for one hell of a wild ride.


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