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Mighty No. 9 – Inafune Says “Happy New Year” And Details Game Progress


It’s well-known that the relationship between Keiji Inafune and the heads over at Capcom wasn’t that of a stable one by the end of his run at the game developer. While we never truly know what went on behind closed doors what we do know is that Capcom are definitely kicking themselves now that Inafune is on the verge of releasing what is looking to be one of the better games of 2015.

Well the head of the newly established Comcept has, over the weekend, released a video online where he takes the chance to say “Happy New Year” to all of his fans as well as update us all on the progress of “Mighty No. 9”. For the most part,  Inafune says, the game is basically done! The only thing the small crew at Comcept have to work on now is actually porting the game to all the different consoles, as well as general promotional stuff.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the video just below to see exactly what Inafune has to say. As of right now there’s no actual release date set for the game but I’m going to speculate and say, thanks to its completion early on in the year, we’ll be seeing it before the year is up. At least…that’s my hope.


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