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Metal Gear Series to Continue Without Kojima


Whether you think Hideo Kojima is a genius or that everything he does is actually an accident, it is impossible to deny the impact that his Metal Gear series has had on the history of gaming. It is hard to imagine a version of Metal Gear without the involvement of Hideo Kojima, but that might very well just be the case with the series potentially set to continue without the man behind the series.

Konami’s community manager in the United Kingdom may have let slip a rather big scoop when he confirmed in an interview with Game On that the series and brand will continue without Kojima. He cites that there has already been a Metal Gear game without Kojima’s involvement which is of course referring to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game from Platinum Games set after the events of the series and focusing on universally divisive Kojima creation Raiden.

Whether you want to take the word of a community manager as gospel or not is up to you. However it is rather difficult to debate the fact that Metal Gear is a franchise that makes a lot of money and where there is money to be made there is people to be making it.

Kojima keeping busy since leaving Konami.

Kojima has been keeping busy since leaving Konami.

For a little bit of background on the scenario as to why Kojima wouldn’t be involved in a new project, it is quite simply because Kojima kinda left or kinda got forced to resign by Konami. Depends on the perspective you look at it I suppose. Regardless of all that it looks very much like there will be another Metal Gear game on the horizon and it most definitely will not be ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’.


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