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Megaman, Kirby, Marth and Link Nendoroids Showcased At Wonder Festival 2015


I love waking up to good news, it’s a sign that the day is going to be great, and there’s no better news than what pertains to the Blue Bomber himself; Megaman…as well as a couple others, of course.

Over the weekend, Wonder Festival 2015 was held in Chiba, Japan, and like any good pop culture festival of it’s kind, many new items were showcased, but none more exciting than the Nintendo Nendoroids of which this article is about.

Megaman, Kirby, Marth (Fire Emblem), Link (Majora’s Mask) and N (Pokemon). Each of these new Nintendo (and Capcom) Nendoroid figurines were shown at the festival to the delight of con-goers and Nintendo fans alike.


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The Nendoroid line of posable figurines are among some of the world’s most popular, so it makes sense that Nintendo would continue to get them produced. I’m very much excited to see a Megaman figurine featured on the list, but what we have here is a lineup of characters special to many people, so I can only assume there are some of you out there who are just as excited for Kirby as I am for the Blue Bomber.

The Good Smile Company have yet to detail anything regarding a release timeframe nor that of pricing, but the assumption is that they will do so now that the products have been unveiled. Do what I plan to do; stick to the official Good Smile Company website and wait for news to drop. Can’t be bothered with that? Keep your eye on THIS site where that news will be featured soon enough!


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