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Megaman.EXE Makes Debut As One Of Eight New Mii Fighter Costumes Released For Super Smash Bros.


The latest addition of the high-popular crossover fighting title Super Smash Bros., alongside a new cast of memorable fighters, also feature the option to add yourself into the fray as your very own character through the use of your own personal Mii. Creating, personalising, and dressing your Mii turns it into it’s very own playable character and the game doesn’t get more enjoyable than being able to beat your friends up as, well…yourself!

Like any game that features customisable characters, Super Smash Bros. has been releasing costume for the Mii Fighters ever since the new game first got released and they simply havn’t stopped. The latest wave of these costumes is mighty and, upon announcement, have all been made available to purchase in-game.

Announced alongside two new fighters; Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem’s Roy, these eight costumes will have fans of Mega Man Battle Network, Splatoon, and Virtua Fighter alike simply shaking in delight. The list is as follows:

Mega Man Battle Network – Megaman.EXE (Gunner)

Mega Man X – Zero (Swordfighter)

Animal Crossing – Isabelle (Gunner)

Splatoon – Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl (both Gunner), and Squid Hat (for use with any class).

Virtua Fighter – Jacky Bryant and Akira Yuki (both Brawlers)

Tekken – Heihachi Mishima (Brawler)


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