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Mega Metagross Reveiled For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Let me be honest; we all knew this was coming, what we didn’t know was when it’d be coming. New scans, courtesy of the Japanese ‘CoroCoro’ magazine, have today revealed the next Pokemon to obtain itself a ‘Mega Evolution’ and that Pokemon is none other than the mighty Metagross! A whopping tank-like creature, Metagross is an intelligent Pokemon that knows how to use it’s brute strength to pin down it’s prey and devour them with it’s jaws of steel of which are located almost underneath it’s body.

With a nice type combination of ‘Steel’ and ‘Psychic’, Metagross is a force to be reckoned with and now it has unlocked the power to evolve once more making it a force of nature no other Pokemon can stand against. Though laced with glare, these scans allow us to clearly see just what a behemoth this already-devastating Pokemon has become.

Though no real info about the evolution itself was divulged, we do know that it belongs to Steven Stone and that his particular ‘Mega Stone’ is located on a brooch. Not that it really matters where he keeps his stone, so long as he has one and can turn his Metagross into this death machine. Another small piece of information siphoned from the translation of the scan; it is said that there are more Pokemon in the Hoenn region than there was before.

This tells me that we’ll be seeing Pokemon in places clearly out of the generational habitat and if that means more Pokemon to battle and collect, well, that’s alright with me. It isn’t like this psuedo-legendary needed be more powerful but I’m a huge fan of Metagross and I can’t wait to give my friends grief when I take them on with my best friend Mega Metagross. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be released in November so start preparing for one heck of an awesome Pokemon video game remake!


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