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Mega Man X Kidrobot Vinyl Figures Hitting Shelves This Summer


There’s nothing that says “retro” more than some vinyl merchandise. We live in a modern age wherein which vinyl is no longer used to house musical tracks. Though actual vinyl albums still do exist, the soft plastic is now used for much more decorative purposes, namely the creation of figures and figurines.

Your favorite characters from your favorite movies, television shows, comics, Anime, Manga, video games are all now immortalised in vinyl. Walk into any store that sells pop culture merchandise and you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the sight of just so much vinyl. I’m getting a little overwhelmed simply typing the word “vinyl” so many times in this article.


Kidrobot, one of the modern day’s leading producers of designer toys, announced a year ago that they’re going to fuse their vinyl stylings with another old-school favorite who is, funnily enough, made entirely from metal. Kids, Mega Man is a small, blue robot who was created to fight against a bunch of other, sometimes small robots who’re programmed to send the world into a state of pure chaos and destruction.

Surely you know this little guy, even though he hasn’t been around for many years thanks to the schism between creator Keiji Inafune and video game juggernaut Capcom. Despite the Blue Bomber being somewhat left in the shadows we, the fans, still care about him and his colourful robot pals/enemies so you’re sure to find yourself coming into contact with them now and again.


Despite not hearing from Kidrobot in regards to their Mega Man line of figures for a year, it’s finally been confirmed that they are indeed still being released, in fact, it will be this Summer when these robo-fighters will be hitting local shelves. Standing at a short 3-inches tall, these blind box figurines will set you back $12. If you want five at once you can also buy a $60 pack, but you’re not guaranteed double-ups. So are the troubles of blind boxes.

In the end…who cares!? Mega Man figures are coming, and Kidrobot absolutely rocks, so keep an eye out for these gems once they get a release and start blindly buying them! If you get any of the same just send them over to us at SnapThirty. I wont be sharing them with Luke or Kane, but you can be sure I’ll take very good care of them. Now surely you want to see which characters you’ll be able to get right? Just scroll down a little bit and let your mind be filled with new information!


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