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Meet The Seven New Digimon Headed To Bandai Namco’s Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


Bandai Namco Entertainment recently did the West a huge solid by releasing the incredibly popular PlayStation Vita title Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, this time on both it’s original console and on the PlayStation 4. Released in Japan quite some time ago, this game is not only a fantastic Digimon video game title, but simply a great Japanese role-playing game in general which brings a tear to my eye because I’ve been waiting for this title ever since it was first announced for Japan.

Almost sixty hours in, I’m still finding more and more to do within the detailed realm of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Not only is there plenty to do within the game’s main story, but it also has an incredibly high number of side quests, making this one of the longer games I’ve played in recent times, but Bandai Namco Entertainment have been doing something to elongate our experience with this long-awaited game; they’ve been releasing free downloadable content that add more intriguing side missions to the game, and I’m not just talking basic side missions like “go and find this item”, I’m talking side missions with interesting characters and situations that only you, a Cyber Sleuth, could handle.

Well Bandai Namco Entertainment are, once again, throwing us quite the hefty bone: It has just been announced that, on the 10th of March, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will be getting a free downloadable expansion that will add seven Digimon to the already-extensive list of obtainable Digimon. Isn’t that just…lovely? Hold on, I’m crying again, tears are flooding my keyboard, I need to take a minute before I continue.

Considering there are over one-thousand unique Digimon that exist within the insanely large franchise, I feel as though not all of you will know just who these extra seven Digimon are, so instead of just listing them in, I’m actually going to introduce you to them, so put on your formal wear, some perfume, and maybe a nice hat, and prepare yourself to make a few new friends:

ShineGreymon Burst Mode:


I’m sure you’re aware of who ShineGreymon is. Hell, I’m sure some of you even have this flame behemoth on your team right now, but for those of you who don’t; ShineGreymon is the Mega Digivolution of the modern Agumon who made it’s first appearance in the Anime series Digimon: Data Squad. Similar enough to the original Agumon, this new iteration of the classic orange dragon takes on altered forms, this one being a counterpart to WarGreymon. ShineGreymon Burst Mode is the evolution above ShineGreymon, and although it stays mostly the same, visually, it gets an incredible boost in sheer power. It’s most notable change is that of the shapely flames that now surround it’s body; one side acting as a sword, and the other a shield.

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode:


When Digimon: Data Squad first hit the scene, it was obvious that those behind the scenes were trying to come up with Digital Monsters that somewhat resembled that of the classics without being to overt about copying them. One of the three is Gaomon who resembles that of a Gabumon who slimmed down, trimmed it’s fur, and took lessons from Rhonda Rousey. It’s Mega Digivolution, MirageGaogamon, sports paladin-like armour complete with bladed claws almost as big as itself. MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, much like ShineGreymon, is the more-powerful Digivolution of MirageGaogamon which has lost it’s hefty gauntlets and has instead replaced them with a crescent-moon blade accompanied by that of a large chained morning star. This evolution, considering Gaogamon’s innate speed, is far faster than any Digivolution that came before it.

Rosemon Burst Mode:


One of the more stunning female Digimon, Rosemon is the Mega Digivolution of Lalamon; a Digital Monster also introduced in the Anime series Digimon: Data Squad. Much like both ShineGreymon and MirageGaogamon, Rosemon’s Burst Mode Digivolution takes her immense power up a notch. Out of the four Burst Mode Digimon released in this DLC, Rosemon’s Digivolution changes her appearance the most: Instead of the Black and Red motif that she once played host to, Rosemon Burst Mode now rocks the fluorescent Pink and White look that, if you ask me, suits her more than her previous design. Once again, much like the previous two, this Digivolution simply increases Rosemon’s power exponentially. Because of her Digivolutionary chain’s balanced typing, Rosemon Burst Mode will make for an excellent addition to any team.

Ravemon Burst Mode:


The fourth and final member of the Digimon: Data Squad team to be featured in this video game addition is Ravemon who is the final form of Falcomon. Ravemon’s standard form resembles that of a Ninja; master of covert operations, but it seems as though it’s Burst Mode Digivolution throws that motif out the window in exchange for a flamboyant, purple glow design. No longer having it’s sword The Raven King as it’s main weapon, Ravemon Burst Mode relies on the forms of energy around it’s arms resembling wings to quickly dispose of enemies before they even know what is happening; still resembling that of a Shinobi. Ravemon Burst Mode is still an attack-type Digimon, but now with an added speed boost it is as deadly as every. Once again, another great addition to any team.



Conceived as a part of a Digimon fan contest wherein which lovers of the franchise were to come up with their very own Digital Monster, Valkyrimon is the Digivoluton of Silphymon who made it’s first appearance in Digimon Adventure 02 as the DNA Digivolution of Gatomon and Aquilamon. This Digimon is absurdly fast, and quite the talented hunter. Partnered with it’s avian companion Flare, it is one of the harder Digimon to sneak up on considering Flare’s one purpose which is to alert of incoming danger. It’s two main weapons; the Feral Sword and the Aurvandil’s Arrow make this Digimon devastatingly powerful. Those weapons, paired with Flare and Valkyrimon’s immeasurable speed, make it the perfect warrior. As mentioned; it is a speed-class Digimon and will therefor make for a great addition to a team working mostly with slow attack types so as to cover the areas the others simply cannot.



A Digimon made as a weapon of mass destruction by the Digimon military organisation D-Brigade; Darkdramon was once a Tankdramon defeated by members of the Bancho group of Digimon who it was, for an unknown reason, hunting. After being taken back to D-Brigade headquarters, the body of the now-destroyed Tankdramon was altered to Digivolve in conjunction with a mass of Dark Matter, turning into the killing machine now known as Darkdramon. After it’s unfortunate forced Digivolution, Darkdramon escaped the research facility that once held in in search for the Bancho Digimon it once hunted. It’s main weapon, the Gigastick Lance, is powerful enough to rival that of Gallantmon’s Gram and should, essentially, be enough to take down most other Digimon with a single attack. Having this berserker of a Digimon on your team will be an asset the likes of which you’ve never before seen.



Chaosmon is actually the name given to several Digital anomalies that happen to appear in the Digital World. More often than not, the name Chaosmon is given to Digimon who’s digital makeup has been altered and a bug in the system has occurred. This particular Chaosmon is the fusion of two mortal enemies; BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon. Unlike many other cases of DNA Digivolution wherein which the data of both fusing Digimon are combined into one, the data present within Chaosmon still represents both BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon, meaning the two different data sequences have not properly merged which, in turn, has caused this fusion to become unstable, resulting in the form of Chaosmon. Most digital anomalies such as this do not have too long of a life span, often collapsing in on themselves due to the corruption within it’s own being. Seeing as something of a counterpart to that of Omnimon, Chaosmon is a balance-type Digimon that will fit in nicely with any team.

The new update for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth which is to include these seven Digimon will be released worldwide on the 10th of March for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Once again, it is a free addition to the game so you wont have to shell out any more money for this amazing add-on to an already amazing Digimon video game title. Thanks, Bandai Namco Entertainment!


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  1. I’ve got 60+ hours in the game as well and it is fun trying to get all the Digimon. I am so excited to get some of these Digimon. I thought the Burst Mode would already be in there when I got the game, but I am happy to get them now.

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