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Meet Burndy World – ‘One Piece’ Special ‘3D2Y’ Original Characters Reveiled


We’ve known about this special for quite some time now and we’ve heard a great deal about what we’re to expect in the movie-like Anime event but we haven’t actually been shown who Luffy will be going up against. I know for a fact that Anime fans have been waiting in high anticipation to see what Mr. Burndy World and his antagonistic pirate crew look like, and today the powers at be have finally given us a look at the characters who will test the strength of our mighty pirate hero.

What’s even cooler than seeing some new bad guys? How about…new costumes for Luffy and Boa Hancock!? These design images were released after the official site for the Anime was updated to include information on them and the people who will be lending their voice talents to the characters. ‘One Piece 3D2Y – Overcoming the death of Ace! Luffy, the oath with his party!’ is set to air in Japan on the 30th of August.

Unfortunately there’s not a good chance us in the West will be able to lay eyes on the special legally but hopes are that some distributor will pick it up and release it outside of Japan so we all get a chance to witness the eventual downfall of another bad pirate.


– Luffy and Boa Hancock’s Special Costumes –

Burndy World is the leader of the ‘World Pirates’ and a former inmate of Impel Down’s lowest level. He’s a man who wants to crush the World Government and is the wielder of the MoaMoa Fruit which makes everything he touches 100 times bigger and, if in movement, 100 times faster. Though he looks to be in his middle aged he is actually 78 years old.

ByoJack is Burndy’s older brother and the brains of the ‘World Pirates’. He is the right hand man to Burndy and has an ability to transfer his own energy into things like insects. He’s said to be an incredibly talented at gathering information this way.

Gairam is one of the more powerful ‘World Pirates’ and has a strange ability that deals greatly with cubes. Unfortunately because of incredibly rough translations there’s not much more to be said about this man apart from that he’s quite deadly.

Sebastian is another of the ‘World Pirates’ and a merman who wields two spiked maces which, paired with his raw brute strength, can crush enemies within an instant.

Naichin is another of the ‘World Pirates’ and an incredibly skilled medical professional. She works as the medic for the ‘World Pirates’ and although she looks quite young and beautiful, much like Burndy himself, she is actually quite old. 68, to be exact. She regained her youth through a serum she created.

Source:, character descriptions roughly translated from the site.


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    can you tell me more about this ? i havent seen this fight till latest episode… in which episode does luffy fights burundy world?
    and can you tell me in which episode does luffy saves nami from gold tesoro?

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