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Masses Applaud As Single Male Student Gets Transferred Into All-Girls High School


It’s no secret that Japanese Pop Culture plays host to many odd, interesting and sometimes frightening tropes that usually, but not exclusively, target certain genders at certain ages. One typical Anime/Manga storyline is that of the high school harem which, in case you honestly don’t get it, is indeed directed at sexually charged young men. Out of every handful of Anime or Manga released, there’s always one that will revolve around a young boy who’s very much lucky with the ladies.

Now incase you think this is seriously sexist or something along those lines, please do remember that the female fans also have their very own genre which is much like this. In fact I know this to be true because, being a writer that focuses on Japanese pop culture and being lucky enough to have distributors send through review copies of newly released series’, I’ve personally reviewed some of the genre’s materials. Personally, the Hakuoki series is my favorite.

We all have our favorite series’ and we all have our favorite types of stories. As fans of things like modern pop culture, it’s weirder for someone to NOT fantasise about living their dream Anime or Manga, and one boy in Japan just so happens to be living his.

Yamagata Prefecture, Japan: A young man has recently been enrolled into a school that was, up until his arrival, populated entirely by female students. Tsuruoka-kita High School has been an all-girls school for quite some time but two years ago they began transitioning into what is now a co-ed educational institution…though there’s really only one student of the opposite gender in attendance.


For some reason, undisclosed, the school remained girls-only for quite some time after the change took place, but on one fine day the school’s first male student arrived. Out of one hundred and sixty 160 female students…he’s the one male, and apparently received a standing ovation upon orientation which surely means that his life truly is and Anime series or something very, very similar.

Until more young men turn up, this lone wolf will be riding high surrounded by girls his age. Hopefully, because this actually is real life, no girls get groped nor sexually harassed in any way by the young man who, I can only assume, thinks himself somewhat of a main protagonist at this point in time. On the flip side, I’m sure this guy is hoping most of what happens in these types of Anime and Manga does indeed happen to him but chances are…that isn’t going to happen.

Hopefully life will continue to evolve along the same lines as Japanese Pop Culture. I’m very much hoping that, soon enough, I can be transformed into a cyborg that builds ships and sails around the world with a group of crazy pirates hell-bent on finding some sort of unfindable treasure. I mean, I already have the name so I’m pretty much half way there.



  1. fabrizzo says

    are you sure you know your anime correctly?usually in these kinds of anime its the lone boy who gets sexually harassed by the scores of females,who would then accuse him of being a pervert,like the thief who calls others a thief.I do hope too that this anime wouldnt indulge in such anti-male sexism.

  2. Miyaomi Kanade says

    The anime name: Infinite Stratos

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