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Marvelous Announces Kenichiro Takaki’s Newest Video game Masterpiece: “Uppers”


Not From The New Game

You’ve all heard of the video game series Senran Kagura, right? If not; it’s a basically a bunch of games produced by this one guy, Kenichiro Takaki, that feature sexy Ninja babes ripping each others clothes off and just being generally, well…seductive. Now Senran Kagura is immeasurably popular, though not for all video game fans, it is a series that features great mechanics as well as some interesting visuals, if you know what I’m talking about. Well producer Kenichiro Takaki, and video game development studio Marvelous, have decided that raunchy fist fights aren’t just for the ladies and have gone ahead and announced their upcoming brawler title Uppers.

Uppers is a PlayStation Vita game that will, supposedly, make the monotony of your basic Beat ’em Up title seem amazing! Producer, once again, by Kenichiro Takaki, this game is said to feature an all-male cast of thugs who have been brought to a remote island wherein which they’re forced to fight for the entertainment of those lucky enough to be a part of the crowd and not one of the modern day gladiators duking it out in the arena. The main character, a young man named Ranma Kamashiro, isn’t that skilled a fighter but has incredible strength passed down to him by his parents…take from that what you will.


Definitely From The New Game

Despite the fact that you’ll be spending most of your game time mashing the same buttons over and over again in true Beat ’em Up style, Marvelous say that your fighting form will change automatically depending on where the opponent is in regards to his posture and overall positioning, so as to not make battles too straightforward and overly boring. Since this is indeed a game produced by the same man who oversaw the development of Senran Kagura, you can imagine just how sexual some of the aspects of it are going to be. The most notable feature in this game is the ability to “woo” a female crowd member by purposefully beating the enemy down in front of her. Doing so will give you a huge power boost and also allow you to motorboat them in what I’m calling the most romantic gesture in video game history.

From what Takaki has said, it seems as though this game has been on his mind for quite some time and is only now going into the deeper stages of development thanks to his industry friends who’ve all lent a hand to make this as fun a video game title as possible, one of them being scenario writer Yukinori Kitajina who has worked with Takaki on previous Senran Kagura titles. In saying that, the game will not be released anytime soon, with Marvelous detailing that it will not be released until Spring of next year. We wont go too long without hearing more information on this game though, seeing as this small piece of news has come from Famitsu’s online publication, you can expect to read more about it once their physical edition gets released sometime within the week.


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