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‘Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam’ Folds the Marioverse into an Origami Crossover


In one of the most unlikeliest crossover games in gaming history, Nintendo is crossing over one Mario game with… another Mario game, resulting in what will be called Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. That’s right, the walls the hold up the Marioverse have been torn in half and the worlds of the Mario & Luigi RPG series and the Paper Mario series have collided in epic fashion.

The game is slated for release on the 3DS and will feature gameplay elements of both Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario. The story seems to focus on a literal dimension collapse causing both worlds to collide with one another. The trailer shown at E3 showcases Mario & Luigi teaming up with Paper Mario to take out enemies from both worlds.

Check out the trailer below and see how the Marioverse survives such a cataclysmic paper jam.


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