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Mardock Scramble author joins Psycho-Pass 2 as script director

The Butcher has left the building people. That’s right, Gen Urobuchi will not be handling the scripts for the second season of Psycho-Pass, in his stead Tow Ubukata, author of Mardock Scramble, will be taking over Urobuchi’s role as script director.

As part of this role Ubukata will be overseeing the story composition and script direction for Psycho-Pass 2. Fans of Gen Urobuchi shouldn’t worry to much however as Urobuchi is still providing the scenario for the series.

Psycho-Pass 2 will slam down with a release in October 2014. It will chronicle the continued story of a world of under control of the Sybil System, an omnipotent governing technology that has a twisted sense of justice. Civilians are constantly monitored through their ‘psycho-pass’ a measurement of their criminal potential.

Ubukata has a history of writing science fiction stories and seems to be a perfect fit for Psycho-Pass 2. As we head towards the premiere of the series keep and eye out for more details on Psycho-Pass 2, with or without the murder loving Gen Urobuchi. If you wanna take a look at what to expect from the psychological sci-fi thriller, here is a trailer for Psycho-Pass 2 for your viewing pleaure.


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