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Madman Entertainments Delays The Release Of “Sailor Moon – Part One” Indefinitely


Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight…delayed until further notice. Madman Entertainment, Australia’s leading Anime and Manga publisher, announced today that they will, unfortunately, be delaying the release of the Anime re-release “Sailor Moon – Part One” due to undisclosed issues.

Stay strong though! Madman Entertainment don’t usually make decisions without first thinking them through thoroughly so you can rest assured knowing that there’s only a delay for the sake of the greater good which happens to be the delivery of another fine Madman Entertainment product.

Yes, it is sad that you won’t be able to re-live the amazing adventures of “Sailor Moon” for a little longer now but that doesn’t matter because it’s still on it’s way, the only difference is that we don’t know when. Madman Entertainment has assured us that this delay won’t be TOO long and even if it is they will make it a point to let all of you “Sailor Moon” fans out there aware. Stick to this site and also Madman Entertainment’s official site for news on this release as it comes to light.


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