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Madman Entertainment Releases First Trailer For Boruto: Naruto The Movie


I’m not sure how many times it is that I’ve said this but; Naruto is somehow so much more popular now that the Manga has officially finished than it ever was. That’s not to say that the series had a low popularity level, what I’m saying is that no matter how loved you thought the series was during it’s run…it’s so much more loved now. This much I can guarantee.

Madman Entertainment, one of Australia’s leading Anime and Manga publishers, has always been on the bleeding edge of the world of Japanese pop culture and that’s why, for the last few years, it has been them who have been releasing most, if not all, Naruto media items. Manga and Anime, Madman have got it covered, which has always been awesome but the publisher has now got even more awesome by releasing the very first trailer for Boruto: Naruto The Movie and announcing that they will be bringing it to Australian cinemas sometime this year.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. So not only have they provided the world with the first real look at the movie, they’re also going to go a step further and bring it to our doorstep! Like most madman screenings, Boruto: Naruto The Movie will only show at certain cinemas at certain times but, knowing Madman, in time they’ll be bringing the film to home video for everyone to get their hands on. I know what you’re thinking; “get to the actual video”, and I don’t blame you for it so…here it is:


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