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Madman Entertainment Releases English Subtitled Trailer For Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy And The Beast


Most people reading this right now probably first experienced the work of Mamoru Hosoda through Digimon: The Movie which was released in Japan as a bunch of separate movies but everywhere else as one big one. Well if you remember the part of the film where Matt and Tai face off against Diaboromon than you have indeed come into contact with the majesty of Japanese director and animator Mamoru Hosoda.

Many Anime-watchers will know of a movie titled Summer Wars also created by the legendary man, some will know of Wolf Children, others may know him from the One Piece film Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. It doesn’t matter what you know Mr. Hosoda from, all that does matter is that you know him now and you’re away of his latest upcoming film The Boy And The Beast.

Set in modern times, The Boy And The Beast follows the story of a young boy lost in hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s Shibuya only to be found by, well…a beast! This beast shows him a new world that lives just beneath that of the one we can see, where monsters roam free to do whatever it is they do. Madman Entertainment has today done something awesome and released and English subtitled trailer for the new film that showcases some more of the greatness we can expect from this film.

They also revealed that they plan on, some day, bringing this film to Australian cinemas but, like most Madman screenings, it will only be for a certain amount of time. Luckily Madman know what they’re doing and will most likely give it a home video release sometime after the screenings. Since nothing is confirmed in that regard, just enjoy the new trailer which I’ve provided for you below!


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