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Madman Entertainment Releases English-Subtitled Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Trailer


Australian audiences have only ever really been subjected to the English dub of Dragon Ball Z. As young ones we’d wake up early, grab ourselves a bowl of Wheat Bix, start getting ready for school, only to then get distracted by the tasty sounds of a guitar lick follower by the lyrics; “dragon, dragon, rock the dragon“, it was what we lived for at the time! In fact, to a certain degree, it’s what I still live for now.

Madman Entertainment, one of Australia’s leading Anime and Manga publishers, has always had the distribution license for the great series “down under” and recently it was announced that they will be bringing the film down to Australia and New Zealand for a limited theatrical release.

Well to build the hype for what’s to come, Madman have today released an English-Subtitled trailer for the film that’ll surely get all you Aussies ready to rock the dragon something fierce. I’m sure the rest of the world will enjoy it but seeing as I’m an Australian citizen…I’m kind of biased.

Right now no real information has been released regarding dates, times and locations of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F screenings but you can be sure Madman wont leave us all in the dark for longer than they have to. For now, simply enjoy the trailer…


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