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Madman Cosplay Competition at SMASH! 2014


The eager crowd

Ah cosplay. The ever present art that allows people to walk a mile in the shoes of their favourite characters and add an unmistakeable visual diversity to conventions. However, as with any endeavour, there are those who go the extra mile, those who strive for that little bit extra. IT is for these people that SMASH! 2014 was host to the Madman Cosplay Competition, a stage where cosplayers could strut there stuff and show those in attendance the extent of their passion.

Though you may simply assume that the cosplayers in question merely stood upon the stage, you would in fact be wrong. Some participants opted to showcase their costumes in more creative ways, producing skits, songs and performances to really express their creative side. From the recreation of a Rocky Horror dance routine, to an intricately choreographed fight scene between the stars of Fairy Tail, to a Naruto and Sasuke skit that pushed some people’s buttons (it involved a remote) there was nary a dull moment on the Main Stage.

Unfortunately, said moments do not convey entirely well through the medium of photography, so you’ll have to settle for merely enjoying the costumes themselves. Which, when you get right down to it, is the heart of the competition.


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