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Madman Comments On ‘Space Dandy’ Release Delays


Madman Entertainment’s release for Space Dandy Part 1 was originally slated for a release in October 2014, that was until it was unfortunately delayed until December 2014 due to circumstances beyond their control.

Fans of the series with a keen eye have noticed that Madman’s official website now lists Space Dandy Part 1 for a February 2015 release, meaning the series is once again been delayed. We at SnapThirty reached out to Madman Entertainment for comment on the situation to try and get some clarity on what exactly has gone on with this highly anticipated release.

Madman Publicity Manager, Ben Pollock replied with the following statement on the situation:

I wish I could say it’s because he’s spending too much time on his hair – but it’s a simple matter of a delay in the materials we are sourcing for the release from the U.K.

So there you have it. Bar any more unforeseen circumstances, Space Dandy Part 1 should be ready to warp into stores in February 2015. If anything changes however we will be sure to update as the news surfaces. Be sure to leave a comment below with you thoughts on the situation.


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