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Madman Bringing Collectable Anime Merchandise Down Under

dbz-tamashi-buddiesAussie anime fans have reason to be excited with the major announcement coming in from Madman Entertainment that they have forged a partnership with the iconic Bandai Namco Games to bring collectable merchandise to Australia and New Zealand.

The merchandise in question is none other than anime related items direct from Japanese companies Banpresto, Megahouse, the legendary Tamashii Nations and many more. Madman has confirmed that the first wave of anime merch will be coming directly from Tamashii Nations – Dragon Ball Z ‘Tamashii Buddies’ figures.

The ‘Tamashii Buddies’ line of figures for Dragon Ball Z will feature characters such as Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta and fan favourite Trunks. These incredible figures are already available for pre-order on Madman’s ‘Tamashi Buddies’ section on their website here. The ‘Tamashii Buddies’ for Dragon Ball Z launch in January 2015.

This is of course only the beginning of what looks to be an incredible new direction for Madman Entertainment. Madman promises to release a plethora of other related merchandise from the aforementioned manufacturers throughout 2015. Check out the merchandise section of Madman’s website here for further updates on items as they appear. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new product line-up from Madman Entertainment.

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